A repugnant smell, and the question is asked, metaphysical in nature, can I assume, subsumed in paranoia, a comparable experience shared - or can there be a shared ‘experience’ following the logic of the separation - the initial division, that philosophical divide plaguing all initiated minds - where the observer realizes that this presumption has long gone unquestioned - what grounds then does one have to hold the self/other distinction, there is an experience, that much seems certain, but how much further can we venture, yet perhaps the divide is real, the solipsist’s challenge met metaphysically, but how is a similar epistemic challenge met - and even if we accept that one becomes two, which seems to be the first hurdle of even ‘pure’ a priori knowledge; I.e., mathematics, how then, both metaphysically or even epistemically, do we move - ‘we’ ha, here language assumes, beyond a position of simultaneous degrees of incomprehensible occurrences of events?

When deeply embedded in dialogue my position remains, a logical conclusion is drawn, given a finite set of details and a range of finite interpretative challenges, some reaction, projection, a bit of ‘reality’, assumed probabilities applied to possible metaphysical assumptions presumably assigned at random, you look a stranger, friend, or lover in the eye, words are exchanged and somewhere an assessment occurs.

Is that a sentence?

The air is too stagnant.

A repugnant smell emerges.


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themanwhoturnedintohimself said: I adore the things you write and post. A conversation with you would be most titillating

I greatly appreciate your remark. And I agree.

A question,

just a slight word, a wisdom, performed in dialectic tradition -

an ebb and flow -

a little giving, a gregarious nature,

beneficence made manifest,

these words, absent malicious intent,


the first instantiation,

the assertion,

simultaneous division, duplicity,

Initial separation ensures synthesis -

beneath an intangible numen, a monad, the “original atom”

yet, does this perception, does the manifestation entail a subject, the self,

a necessary object?

Text: I speak, behind a wall of silence, but you appear at peace, oh so happy, why won’t the song load? But a game of love.

I had a dream, same day, you walked away, and well small known fact, a great snack, so I am still here, a casual smile.

I stood, about the masses, those asses, a lone woman pandering for some cash, teeth missing, what a proposition, in my bed when I said when, like a king, I’d be fed, strawberry bubble gum pop.

The trees, bee, the bees buzz, I forgive you, most importantly myself, and the click, so the world turns, someone will enjoy, but please pass it by.

I love you.

A little in the past, but she stood, much smAll talk, so why am I there?

A simple question, “why am I there? ”

A baby to feed, three, no for you two hundred will do. I felt I got the I might be interested in you if situations weren’t solely economical, glorious discount.

I had a great room, part saying yes, the spirit held on.

Time has past, so who has given up hope? Who among you, the plebs?

A tooth missing, a plea for money, an obligation, the mere promise of pleasure, lord knows if wealth, or the quest itself were cast aside, what joy I could bring.

Woah, my god, you, oh, damn, I can’t believe how THICK!

It’s meaningless when my love, fully engaged, shows up on cue, discarding, using my body.

Oh, and I write, I saw your eyes, those that saw mine, on a dear and near night.

Carry on within, no? You can’t give up the truth. I know we’re done, down a road, from god knows where, and he scared me. Yet, you laughed as he shocked me in the road.

Then there was you.

I saw you, you me.

We both were so preoccupied.

I with mine, and well

You always wanted me, threw yourself

A verb

But, a man and a woman stood in the way. Let them have each other, full embrace, all we cared at least.

I had, owned you.

So many. Right?

How much do you care? i cherish this. Live love laugh , but you just wanted the lick that won’t last.

Into the wild I go.

The women are free, and among them one may serve… Me? No! But the higher purpose that speaks to me.

"Get scared. It will do you good. Smoke a bit, stare blankly at some ceilings, beat your head against some walls, refuse to see some people, paint and write. Get scared some more. Allow your little mind to do nothing but function. Stay inside, go out - I don’t care what you’ll do; but stay scared as hell. You will never be able to experience everything. So, please, do poetical justice to your soul and simply experience yourself."

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I knew (whatever that may evoke) you’d reach out in selective silence, so the siren blows, so all goes, a continuance, but I thought non-existence, regarding us, for the relationship was desired, perhaps a relapse of feeling, thought, but I am aware, always was, of the discrepancies, the contradictions in logic, sheer reason, so I respond to a wall of silence. Good, for I’d rather explore alone. I am prolific, profound, prodigious, on the search of perfection, calm, in balance.

Light, I am, power, confidence, passion, withheld evaluative emotions, god, god in practice, purpose, strength, calm, calculated, the self, a summation of the collective whole, unconscious, subconscious, Pisces, the type, the desired, the other, a flame, active will, memory, motion, the microcosm as expressed, the below, within, without, as above, peace, the clinging and clanging of fetters, the removal, cast aside, but oh three times no!, collected, wise, giving, removed, continent, just with mercy, magnanimous, aesthetically mindful, and sexy, of course.

The limit remains our conceptual shortfall of grasping the intangible infinite.